Uzu beanies for parent and child alike.

These knitted hats are made from
100% cotton in charming indigo blue.
Our knitted beanies are made of 100% cotton and dyed by hand using natural dyes of rich indigo blue.

Available in both adult and child sizes of all ages.

Our beanies are great for babies through to elementary years and above.

The reasons we choose to only work with cotton:
1,Cotton provides a soft feel that can’t be achieved with acrylic fibers.
2,Our cotton knits are free from static electricity.
3,Cotton has gentle and voluminous feel perfect for insulation.
4,Cotton can take to simple natural dyes so we can avoid using harsh chemical dyes.

Our beanies are available in two designs,
one is a solid dyed rich indigo,
the other features a soft fade from un-dyed cotton to our signature indigo.

Our hats are designed to be matched.
Our two sizes are perfect for parent and child pairing.

Parent/child clothing coordination is both fashionable and fun!


These lovingly hand dyed beanies make the perfect gift.

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