A solution to baby movements during sleep if they remove their bed covers.

Babies tend to toss and turn removing their bed covers during sleep.

Many mother’s can feel a certain anxiety about this.

UZU’s manager Daruma turned 1 year old
and is quite energetic and moves around while he sleeps.

Ms. Kaori, one of the developers at UZU,
devised a great new product called

“The Baby Sleeper”.

It is easy to slip on by simply removing the buttons and keeps your baby warm even when moving around.

It also gives easy access to diapers when it’s time to change them.

This fashionable and useful indigo product can be worn by children
who are newborn till about 3 years old.

It can also be a great gift idea.

We offer a three piece set.

【UZU Baby Sleeper】


・Toy (Elephant sounding squeaky toy)

・Handkerchief bib

(When unclipped, it can be used as a napkin or something to hang things with.)

“The Baby Sleeper” is invaluable when it comes to keeping your baby warm during sleeping.

The material is made of gauze preventing the accumulation of humidity
and offering a good night’s sleep.

This indigo product is great for babies with sensitive skin.

Since natural materials are used,
it is completely harmless to babies if they put it in their mouth.

(benefits of indigo dye)

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