UZU Creator Recruitment

“It is a pleasant thing to make.” “There is a dream in your work.”
UZU is recruiting creator all the time.
Join us and create a strike with your own style.
Are you not interested in create a unique work with unique
materials like cloth and leather that produced by UZU and put it on the table for sale?
[What does a UZU Creator do?]
For people who want to move on from hobbies.
For people who want to create a unique work with natural material.
For people who want to send and share the joy of their handmade works.
Are you one of them?
Since UZU has opened, there has been a lot of requests received.
“I want to create a work with the materials that produced by UZU.”
There is busy mum who squeeze out spare time to create great fashion.
There is busy salary man who makes use of his night time to produce leather crafting goods.
There are so many people who loves to transform their ideas into DIY products and make it happens.
However, it is difficult for product promotion,
it is difficult to open a store considering time and money;
The product that has been made with technique and professional
knowledge has always been considered as ‘’hobby stuff’’.
That is such a waste of those talents.
We believe that there will always be someone who would appreciate your work when they received it.
And that is when you become a creator.
UZU wants to show supportive for people who are passionate
about DIY works, for people who are passionate about lifestyle.
We also experienced a lot before we start up UZU.
From normal salary man to newbie parenting.
There are lots of things going on and it has always been busy.
Even so, we decided to develop this UZU creator project,
Just to help the work of creators can spread out all over the world.
From 2017, we start up with the online store and it is open to worldwide.
It is no more dreams to spread your work all over the world.
The best thing is, you can create the unique piece with the bare hand,
natural dyed, unique materials produced by UZU.
Let’s begin from designing the raw material, to the production and promotion.
the sample of uzu creator work
Why don’t you join us and become a UZU Creator?
Please feel free to contact us for further details.
 UZU  tell 0563-75-1208