1-year-old manager struggle report〜The secret weapon〜

Hi, my name is Daruma.


I turned 1 year, 1 month and 13 days old today.
At only 1 year old I’m the manager of UZU.

I am the manager and also a model.

Being a model can be frustrating.
I have to pose for so many pictures before a good one is chosen.
There are no breaks even when it’s time for my milk.

It’s not easy being a model.

Today I want to talk about our secret weapon.

Damn I feel the dark side of the force.

I think I feel this way because my parents were watching St○r Wars last night.

They got the idea from St○r Wars and created the “indigo Baby Robe”.

I’m definitely a Jedi p○dawan  candidate.

They put little ears because I am a baby.

I think it’s childish.

But I guess it suits me since I’m a 1 year old baby.

I can’t wait to take a bath so I can wear it.

“May the force be with you”

Oh, by the way,
you can buy the little bow tie I wear with my suit you saw in the other picture.


【1-year-old manager struggle report〜The workshop〜】

1-year-old Daruma the manager’s struggle continues….

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