1-year-old manager struggle report〜The wood deck〜

Hi, my name is Daruma.

I turned 1 year, 1 month and 6 days old today.
At only 1 year old I’m the manager of UZU.

“clunk clunk”

Hold on a second. I’m playing!

Oops it’s Thursday.

It’s already time to update the blog.
Time passes so fast…

Today I want to talk about UZU’s wood deck.

All the exhausted grown-ups and I are relaxing on the wood deck at UZU.

It ‘s connected from a room so it’s quite large.

I was told my parents built it in just 2 days.
They really did a great job.

They deserve to be congratulated.

This is what the house used to look like.

The wood deck area was originally just a parking space.
They left the old car port as a roof for the wood deck.

It was a huge job to prepare for the construction.

Since it was an old house, some sewer pipes didn’t pass.
They had to dig deeper than ground level of the house.

It was really hard work!

They worked really hard to build the deck

but we can’t use it because it’s too cold…

My parents have a bad habit of spending time
and money on ideas but they aren’t always cost-effective.

Well I will definitely use when the weather warms up.


【1-year-old manager struggle report〜The secret weapon〜】

1-year-old Daruma the manager’s struggle continues….

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